How can one heal from the effects of psychological traumas?

Postby birdseyeview3688 » Tue Aug 31, 2021 5:17 pm

I grew up in a society that is very abusive to children and as a result I developed psychological problems and stuttering early in life which resulted to more traumas and it got severe. I was kind of damaged psychologically to the extent where some certain setting/event made me collapse(usually setting of me and an elderly person. Like trying to talk to a teacher that is being rude and talking down at me, trying to explain myself to an elderly person when in trouble etc) and more others. I am 21 now(male) in university, I have learnt a great deal of myself and psychology and even processed all my traumas. I am no more stuttering except with my family. But I still suffer from the effects of my traumas; it has made me a very psychologically fragile person... For the past 1 and half year now I have been learning more and more about psychology and emotional education(and sorts) and it has made me become very sensitive to my traumas and has kindof triggered the severity my traumas had on me in my younger days. I completely loose myself sometimes when talking to a person in authority or in some certain settings, a terrible stuttering jumps up. I have done rigorous self-analysis and processing on my self in relation to my childhood traumas and I understand why I do it, but still I am making no progress stopping it, seems like it's completely beyond my control and comprehension. It's getting worse I am literally loosing it for good. Please I need help on what to do to start healing?
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makama wrote: Please I need help on what to do to start healing?

To start, I think you need to be very clear what “healing” means. Write down the specific things you believe “trauma” is stopping you from accomplishing.

At 21, and in university, what do you believe? Is trauma stopping you from getting good grades? From asking out a girl on a date? From participating in the student soccer club?

What, specifically, is trauma stopping you from accomplishing?
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Postby Alpha90 » Wed Sep 01, 2021 5:49 am

Talk. Talking with someone really helps to identify what you really need.
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Postby davidbanner99@ » Mon Sep 06, 2021 8:35 pm

It's called "exogenic" pathology. That means a reaction to some external trauma. "Endogenic" is the opposite and means the anxiety symptoms happen anyway due to some inward, biological, hormonal issue, brain irregularity.
In my view, any reaction to trauma makes sense. The mind is protecting itself. For example, if you suffered an electric shock from a damp socket twice, you would tend to become wary of switches. It's the way nature works. No great mystery. My grandmother once had a cat drop on her back while in a toilet and then suffered a fear of cats all her life.
To treat the reactionary effects is possible but that would take a lot of explanation.
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